Monday, October 18, 2010

Really? Never heard that one before...weird.


So I'm in line to order HyVee Chineese food last night and the girl behind the counter says to me, "You know remind me of Keanu Reeves" I'm like, "Whaaah?...Never heard that before but thanks...I guess?"  She then says, "What was that movie?...The one where he travels in time in a phone booth?"  So me, with my amazing movie knowledge of the 80's swiftly reply to her, "Uhh...Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure?" Her face lights up like Hiroshima 1945, "Yeah!...That's the one!...I haven't seen that movie in ages...I need to watch it was great."

Little does she holds a place in my dvd archive at home...I'll never lend it to her.

1 comment:

  1. When you started telling me this story, you lead with that part about "...travelling through time in a phone booth." I thought for sure it was going to be another Doctor Who reference, even though there's a new Doctor, and you don't look like him, and you don't look like the last one since your hair grew out.